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Independent School District 196 spent $669 per pupil less than the average of the 10 largest districts in the state last year while targeting a higher percentage of available resources on regular classroom instruction.

Each spring, the Minnesota Department of Education makes available financial data for all public operating elementary and secondary independent school districts in the state. District 196 is the state’s fourth largest district. Comparable expenditure data for FY 2018 shows that District 196 spent less per pupil than the averages for the state, metro area and 10 largest districts in four of the 10 general fund expenditure categories, including district administration (see table). In the category of regular classroom instruction, District 196 spent approximately $772 more per pupil than the average for districts statewide and $379 more per pupil than the average for districts in the Twin Cities metro area.

“Our teachers make the biggest difference in what we do for students and that is where we will continue to focus our efforts,” said District 196 Superintendent Mary M. Kreger. She noted that expenditure comparisons for fiscal year 2018 are similar to previous years.


Expenditures Per Pupil for Fiscal Year 2018


Expenditure Category



District 196


State Average


Metro Average


10 Largest**



Regular Instruction $5,742 $4,970 $5,363 $5,770
Special Education 2,475 2,151 2,200 2,531
Operations, Maintenance & Other* 717 876 894 916
Student Transportation* 618 685 727 756
Instructional Support Services 670 616 658 755
School-Level Administration 553 456 474 520
District-Level Administration* 447 509 572 514
Student Activities & Athletics 296 314 312 234
Pupil Support Services* 271 362 391 475
Career & Technical Instruction 179 159 143 166


General Fund Operating Expenditures















* Category where District 196 spent less per pupil than the averages for the state, metro area and 10 largest districts.

** The 10 largest school districts in Minnesota in FY 2018 were, in order from largest: Anoka-Hennepin, St. Paul, Minneapolis, District 196, Osseo, South Washington County, Rochester, Elk River, Robbinsdale and North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale.

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