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In May, the School Board adopted a model plan to test for and reduce lead in drinking water in schools. The plan was developed by the state departments of education and health to assist school districts in meeting requirements of Minnesota Statute 121A.335, which requires districts to have a plan to accurately and efficiently test for the presence of lead in water in public school buildings.

According to the plan, all taps used for drinking water and food preparation must be tested at least once every five years. The initial testing in District 196 schools is scheduled to begin in July 2018.

The plan requires that the tests be conducted using “first draw” samples, meaning the samples are collected before the fixture is used or flushed during the day. Taps located closest to where the water enters the building are tested first to avoid the potential of accidentally flushing a tap before it is tested.

The Drinking Water Testing Plan is available on the district website. Results of the testing will also be shared for public review on the Facilities Department page of the website.

District Health and Safety Supervisor Chris Pint oversees the plan; he can be reached at 651-423-7735 or christopher.pint@district196.org.

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