Superintendent Jane K. Berenz stands with Eagan American Legionnaires John Flynn and Wayne Beierman as she receives a medal of service.

District 196 Superintendent Jane K. Berenz’s final School Board meeting on June 25 was filled with sentiments of gratitude and well wishes from members of the board, as well as a surprise recognition from the Eagan American Legion Post 594.

Legionnaires John Flynn and Wayne Beierman presented Berenz with a certificate of gratitude and The American Legion Gold Medal of Merit, the highest medal of merit in the organization. The award is presented to those the American Legion deems “exceptionally meritorious” in their work and service to others and their community. It is a nationally certified designation from the American Legion organization.

“Over her 36-year career, Jane K. Berenz has distinguished herself with exceptionally meritorious service while serving in positions of increasing responsibilities, culminating as the superintendent of Independent School District 196 for the past nine years,” Flynn said. “She has displayed an exceptional ability to lead, as well as partner with other branches of the state, county and local community administration to improve upon an already high quality of education program.

“Jane has used the values of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service to guide her, to support her decisions, to foster her teams and to serve all of us.”

Throughout her 31-year career with District 196, and especially as superintendent, Berenz was steadfast in her support of men and women in uniform and championed a number of efforts to show her respect for the military. Berenz was instrumental in creating flag etiquette initiatives, supported local and district Veterans Day events, invited veterans groups to collaborate with students and praised the recognition of students entering the military upon graduation.

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