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ROSEMOUNT, Minn. – Students of the Year for 2017-18 were selected by teachers and administrators at all four, four-year high schools in District 196. Students were selected based on their academic performance and participation in the given subject area during their high school career. The 2017-18 Students of the Year in District 196 are listed below by school and subject.

APPLE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL — Emily DeBoard, art; Daniel Borman, business; Alexa Reuss, dance; Cori Roberts, English/language arts; Javier Abaunza, English Language Learner; Jacquan Beamon, family and consumer sciences; George Knier, instrumental music; Christopher Scott Ockwig, vocal music; Carolyn Schwartz, mathematics; Matthew Bolden, physical education and health; Josephine Rogers, science; Zachary Mundt, social studies; Dylan Alderson, special services; Ethan Monsen, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Stephen Conway, work experience, and Trinity Ek, world languages.

EAGAN HIGH SCHOOL — Margaret Stout, art; Aishwarya Mankala, business; Anna Connelly, counseling; Anthony Wallace, English/language arts; Edilson Garcia Villalvir, English Language Learner; Erin Paulus, family and consumer sciences; Hunter Madsen, technology and engineering; Gwyneth Simon, mathematics; Alexa Sorensen, instrumental music; Mila New, vocal music; Molly Busch, physical education and health; Andrew Grunklee, science; Tram Nguyen, social studies; Ruby Cortez-Trejo, special services; Riley Wisniewski, work experience, and Jesus Encarnacion, world languages.

EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL — Jordan Homstad, art; Madeline Doyle, business and marketing; Abigail Lien, dance; Edmund Buscho, English/language arts; Trong Hung Dinh, English Language Leaner; Fatuma-Duthi Hassan, family and consumer sciences; Cole Bernhardson, technology; Alexander Pan, mathematics; David Besonen and Molly Olander, instrumental music; Cassandra Crandell, vocal music; Kelsey Dolejs, physical education/wellness/safety education; Bryant Ruff, science; Claire Busse, social studies; Jorge Perez, special services; Thomas Adamson, special services-center-based; Trevor Thames, work experience, and Sarah Most, world languages.

ROSEMOUNT HIGH SCHOOL — Liang Zhang, art; Aliona Durig, AVID; Ian Bass, business; Natasha West, dance; Maija Beckwith, English; Hodan Ahmed, English Language Learner; Josie M. Robinson, family and consumer sciences; Matt Frater, industrial technology; Benjamin Haisting, mathematics; Anna Loughridge, instrumental music; Tanner Wenzel, vocal music; Samuel Willmott, physical education and health; Nick Stoner, science; Gabriella Freking, social studies; Khalid Dahir, special services; Melody Ortendahl, work experience, and Malyn Banitt-Moore, world languages.

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