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ROSEMOUNT, Minn. – Representatives from the The Morris Leatherman Company, a Minneapolis-based polling firm, will be contacting residents of District 196 the last two weeks of April to gather data on the public’s satisfaction with district schools, administration, the quality of education provided and district needs for the future.

The Morris Leatherman Company previously conducted scientific community surveys for the district in 2013 and most recently in 2015. The current survey includes 80 multiple choice questions and will be conducted by telephone. The 400 randomly selected respondents will be representative of the population of the district in terms of age, ethnicity, geography and those with school-age children. Approximately 40 percent of current households in District 196 have preschool or school-age children.

The survey includes questions about indicators that shape public perception about high quality school districts, including student scores on standardized tests, percentage of graduates continuing their education, curriculum, class sizes, technology access, teacher quality and opportunities in academics, arts and athletics. There are also questions about financial management, taxes, school security, facilities and preparing students to be college and career ready upon graduation.

The survey also includes a section where respondents will be asked what improvements to district programming they would support, if additional resources were available. Choices include lower class sizes, expanded preschool offerings, additional elective courses for middle school students, additional mental health support for students, transportation for after-school activities, artificial turf at high schools for school and community use, and activity centers (gym space) at high schools for school and community use.

Results of the survey are scheduled to be presented at the May 14 School Board meeting and will be used by the administration and School Board to guide future decisions.

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