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District 196 high schools revise schedules for ACT testing on April 3

Grades 10 and 11 will take tests while grades 9 and 12 have flexible learning day at home

District 196 students in grades 9 and 12 will have a flexible learning day at home on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 due to ACT testing for students in grades 10 and 11 that will take place at the district’s high schools that day.

On April 3, all students in grade 11 will be offered the opportunity to take the ACT Plus Writing test during the school day, in accordance with state law. Students in grade 10 will also be expected to be at school April 3 to take the PreACT test. Both tests will be offered at no cost to students. The ACT is the primary admissions test for students attending colleges in the Midwest. The PreACT is a college-readiness test that measures achievement in English, math, reading and science, as well as students’ career interests and whether they are on track to pursue their goals after high school.

The tests will take approximately five hours to administer. Students in grades 10 and 11 will have the option to eat lunch and remain at school until the end of the day or can leave school after they have completed testing. High school bus routes will run on a normal schedule April 3.

In order to provide an optimal testing environment and free up additional teachers needed to proctor the tests, students in grades 9 and 12 will not attend school on April 3 but will be expected to engage in a flexible learning day using their district-issued iPad or other devices at home. Teachers will provide students with assignments to complete that day utilizing Schoology, the district’s new learning management system. Students will be able to contact teachers for assistance during designated times during the day when they are not proctoring tests. An optional quiet work environment will be provided at school for students in grades 9 and 12 who wish to be at school that day.

Students receiving center-based special education services will either participate in one of the tests, engage in the flexible learning day, or attend a regular schedule of center-based classes on April 3. Case managers will communicate with students and parents about appropriate arrangements and accommodations for that day.

This will be the first scheduled flexible learning day since District 196 began issuing iPads to students in 2016. This year, all students in grades 7-12 have an iPad; grades 4-6 will be added in fall 2018 to complete the three-year implementation schedule for grades 4-12, which was part of a referendum question approved by district voters in November 2015.

The schedule for April 3 involves students at Apple Valley, Eagan, Eastview and Rosemount high schools, but not the School of Environmental Studies or other high school programs in District 196.

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