SHMS students working on iPads

Schoology ::: a learning management platform for teachers, students and families

This school year all middle school and high school teachers and students (grades 6-12) will use Schoology. This learning management platform provides a digital space for teachers to communicate information and share resources with students and their parents or guardians.

Schoology acts as a hub connecting existing tools such as Google Drive (Collab) with a variety of software applications, ultimately providing students with the flexibility of completing their work in hardcopy or digitally online. The goal of this transition to Schoology is to provide a single, consistent platform districtwide that offers robust features for teachers, students and families.

We are very excited by the feedback on how this new technology is affecting the classroom environment. Students have found greater accessibility to a variety of resources for school work and teachers are discovering more effective ways to communicate with students about their individual needs.

In an effort to support our students’ educational goals, we are asking parents/guardians to take advantage of what Schoology can offer in the home environment as well. Schoology puts important information at your fingertips.

With your Parent Schoology Account, you can:

  • Help students stay on task with a calendar of past and upcoming events and assignments.
  • Stay informed on overdue assignments, recent grade changes and/or new course or group enrollments.
  • Set up a subscription to the Schoology Parent Email Digest for a brief overview of your child’s courses.

To get information on how to set up a Schoology parent account or for assistance, please contact by email at or call 651-423-7811.

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