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Rights and responsibilities handbooks to be mailed

Parents and guardians of students enrolled in District 196 schools will be receiving the Overview of Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook for the 2017-18 school year. The handbooks will be mailed the week of Aug. 7 to every household with a child enrolled in the district, one per household.

The district publishes an updated version of the handbook prior to the start of each school year to inform students and their parents/guardians about the rights and responsibilities of students. Spanish and Somali versions of the handbook will be available at District196.org. In addition to mailing the handbook to homes, teachers briefly review the information with students at the start of the school year.

The Overview of Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook includes a comprehensive list of regulations for student behavior as well as consequences for misbehavior. Consequences vary depending on the severity of the offense, the student’s grade level and previous violations by the same student.

Some of the key additions and revisions in the 2017-18 handbook include:

  • updates to prohibition of harassment, discrimination, violence or hazing;
  • moving and/or revising definitions for misbehaviors for chemicals and drug paraphernalia, chemicals possession and false alarms, and
  • revised or new categories of consequences for physical assault, inflicting bodily harm, chemicals possession, technology-related misbehaviors, nuisance and/or recording devices, and use of nuisance devices on a school bus.

The rights and responsibilities detailed in the handbook apply to District 196 students in any school or other district building, on district property, in district vehicles, at school bus stops and at school or district events. Consequences may also apply for misbehaviors which take place at other locations, but which directly affect school programs or activities.

“The handbook provides a good opportunity for parents to remind children of the expectations for behavior at school and the consequences for breaking the rules,” Superintendent Jane K. Berenz said.

Parents and students with questions about the handbook are encouraged to call their school principal.

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