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Total population in Independent School District 196 in 2017 is estimated at 153,174 by the state demographer. That represents an increase of 123 more than the demographer’s estimate of 153,051 from one year ago.

The School Board approved the district’s 2017 certified census at its June 26 meeting. The approved census figure is submitted to the state demographer each year and is used to determine tax levies for funding community education programs in the district.

District 196 is the fourth largest school district in Minnesota, with total enrollment of approximately 28,000 students. The district covers approximately 110 square miles and includes all or parts of the cities of Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan, Burnsville, Coates, Inver Grove Heights and Lakeville, and Empire and Vermillion townships.

Nearly nine of every 10 school-age children who live in District 196 attend District 196 schools. At 87 percent, District 196 has one of the highest “capture rates” of any school district in the state.

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