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Teachers and administrators at the four, four-year high schools in District 196 selected Students of the Year this spring based on their academic performance and participation in the subject areas for which they were chosen. Students of the Year for 2016-17 are listed below by school and subject area.


Sarah Crippes, business; Brooke Lewis, dance, Payton Parmett, English/language arts; Phetmany Keovilaysack, English language learner; Lariah Stewart, family and consumer science; Emilia Galchutt, instrumental music; Henry Dikeman, mathematics; Olivia Feilen, physical education and health; Kegan Hackett, science; Maria Larson, social studies; Joseph Melsha, special services; Alexis Kocken, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Nannaput Nongnuang, visual arts; Elise Kuchera, vocal music; Jalen Thul, work experience, and Ethan Elumba, world languages.


Samantha Leighton, art; Andrew Rudd, business education; Angela Hugunin, English/language arts; Cameron Ellis, family and consumer sciences; Lucas Duffy, technology and engineering; Sathya Govindarajan, mathematics; Lexi Roelke, instrumental music; Meg Swanson, vocal music; Joe Rohlf, physical education and health; Rachel Knutson, science; Madeleine Roberts, social studies; Brianna Lyon, work experience; Daniela Moreno, world languages; John Streed, counseling, and Mackenzie Cavalier, special services.


Catthy Trinh, visual arts; Owen Granger, business and marketing; Aunya Mukherjee, English/language arts; Kathryn Hedges, family and consumer sciences; Phil Melroe, technology; Gundeep Singh, mathematics; Jenna Smith, instrumental music; Megan Eden, vocal music; Annie Eckelberg, physical education, wellness and safety education; Ryan Chen, science; Osman Mansur, social studies; Ray Sookchain, work experience; Lorren Testa, world languages; Alex Tweeton, dance; Tommy Men, special services; Al Charles, special services-center based, and Guojian Huang, English language learner.


Nnamdi Okorie, art; Joseph Gerner, business education; Isabel Edgar, English/language arts; Ashley Hahnfeldt, family and consumer sciences; Aidan Boyd, industrial technology; Tyler Gonzales, mathematics; Adam Shew, instrumental music; Ellen Bushard, vocal music; Nicole Elias, physical education and health; Laura Rietveld, science; Jenna Eichten, social studies; Taylor Dozois, work experience; Brynn Tonn, world languages; Macie Riste, dance, and Kyra Patterson, special services.

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