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Fifty-six District 196 high school students won qualifying spots at the Section 3AA and 6AA speech tournaments and will be competing for medals at the Class AA state speech tournament April 21 at Apple Valley High School.

Eagan High School earned the team title in the Section 3AA tournament on March 23 and Apple Valley finished first in the Section 6AA tournament on April 7, with Eastview High School taking second place. The top three finishers in each of the 13 speech events, from each section, qualified for the state tournament. State qualifiers from District 196 are listed below by school, category and place of finish in the section tournament.

Apple Valley High School had 22 students qualify for 19 spots at the state tournament, including eight first-, six second- and five third-place finishes:

  • Linnea Prehn in creative expression — 1st place
  • Arianna Rotty in dramatic interpretation — 2nd place
  • Ceceilia Voss and Frank Knier in duo interpretation — 1st place
  • Reese Johnson and Zachary Frye in duo interpretation – 2nd place
  • Nick Finken and Zach Mundt in duo interpretation — 3rd place
  • Kenan Anderson in extemporaneous speaking — 3rd place
  • Kate Bruse in great speeches — 1st place
  • Ian Jarvi in humorous interpretation –2nd place
  • Sarah Grambo in informative speaking — 1st place
  • Lauren Bernard in informative speaking — 2nd place
  • Emilia Galchutt in informative speaking — 3rd place
  • Jane Michaelson in original oratory — 1st place
  • Rickey Williams in original oratory — 2nd
  • Micaela Garcia in poetry interpretation — 2nd place
  • Uzo Ngwu in poetry interpretation — 1st place
  • Liza Rotty in poetry interpretation — 3rd place
  • Zakkiyah Sanders in prose interpretation — 1st place
  • Claire Doty in storytelling — 1st place
  • Dominique Paulk in storytelling — 3rd place

Eagan High School had 22 students qualify for 20 spots at state, including six first-, seven second- and seven third-place finishes:

  • Emma Zellmer in discussion — 3rd place
  • Mila New in dramatic interpretation 3rd place
  • Jenna Herbrand and Joshua Drucker in duo interpretation — 1st place
  • Audrey Parker and Ricky Rodriguez in duo interpretation — 2nd place
  • Angela Hugunin in extemporaneous reading — 1st place
  • Isabelle Hopewell in extemporaneous reading — 3rd place
  • Ben Pankow in extemporaneous speaking — 2nd place
  • Atulya Reddy in great speeches — 1st place
  • Jonathan David in informative speaking — 1st place
  • Rachel Standal in informative speaking — 2nd place
  • Elsie Goren in informative speaking — 3rd place
  • Charu Ramesh in original oratory — 2nd place
  • Tram Nguyen in original oratory — 3rd place
  • Paul Filonowich in poetry interpretation — 1st place
  • Ellie Moon in poetry interpretation — 2nd place
  • Emily Albert-Stauning in prose interpretation — 1st place
  • Meg Swanson in prose interpretation — 2nd place
  • Jack Flynn in prose interpretation — 3rd place
  • Jack Bechard in storytelling –2nd place
  • Brianna Sexton in storytelling — 3rd place

Eastview High School had 12 students qualify for 12 spots at state, including three first-, five second- and four third-place finishes:

  • Campbell Bernstein in creative expression– 2nd place
  • Jessie Luevano in discussion — 2nd place
  • Julia Gaubert in dramatic interpretation — 1st place
  • Caleb Rotman in dramatic interpretation — 3rd place
  • Jordan Homstad in extemporaneous reading — 1st place
  • Aunya Mukherjee in extemporaneous reading — 2nd place
  • Ross Abram in extemporaneous speaking — 1st place
  • Osman Mansur in extemporaneous speaking — 2nd place
  • Ada Erdahl in great speeches — 2nd place
  • Bitsy Oberle in great speeches — 3rd place
  • Chloe Carson in humorous interpretation — 3rd plac
  • Netra Duggirala in original oratory — 3rd place

District 196 schools have a winning tradition in speech. Apple Valley and Eagan high schools rank first and second, respectively, in total medals won all time in the history of the state tournament. For the past several years, district students have won multiple state titles awarded in the 13 categories of competition and approximately one-third of all medals awarded at the state tournament.

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