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Eagan High School English Teacher Drew Hammond and Woodland Elementary School Technology Teacher David Lostetter are this year’s recipients of the TIES Exceptional Teacher Awards in Independent School District 196.

Sponsored by the education technology cooperative TIES, the annual awards honor teachers in member districts who effectively integrate technology into the learning process. Hammond and Lostetter will be recognized along with other recipients during the TIES Annual Conference Dec. 13 in Minneapolis.

Drew Hammond uses his creativity and passion to motivate students to do amazing things in his classroom and technology is one of the secret ingredients to his success, according to colleagues who nominated him for the award. “He can look at a classroom activity and know what technology will work best for it,” the nomination reads. “As a second-year teacher, he is a sponge for curricular ideas and analysis, but can always offer his own tech twist to things many veteran teachers have done for years.” On an assignment about advertising fallacies, for example, instead of the past practice of having students watch commercials and answer questions, Hammond has his students use technology to create their own ads incorporating one of the fallacies shown in the examples. “Drew has become an innovative and enthusiastic advocate for our technology vision at Eagan High.”

David Lostetter is actively involved in integrating technology throughout the school, at all grade levels, and is constantly trying new tools and ways to engage students in their learning. “He started Woodland’s Makerspace program by asking parents to clean out their garages for things like screwdrivers, pliers, drills, saws and more,” his nominators wrote. “It has become a fully functioning Makerspace and STEM lab that exposes students to scientific concepts, technology, engineering and design, and math.” Lostetter frequently provides colleagues with professional development opportunities on different technologies, programs and applications for the classroom, and helps with communication on the school’s website and social media channels. In addition, he serves on Woodland’s leadership team and PTO, the district Technology Steering Committee and is part of the planning team for the district’s new elementary school that is scheduled to open in fall 2017.

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