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Site Council Minutes

April 18, 2012 Meeting

Present: Steve Degenaar, Mary Delmedico, Neil Michels, Laura Kay Allen, Paula Mickelson (note taker), Eileen Kaese Uzarek, Paul Hattouni, Tanya Schlosser-Yerkes, Szumai Leow, Arlys Thompson, Maria Stotts, Joe Wycoff, Hazel Crockett.

1. Welcome and Introductions Neil Michaels is from the science dept. Welcome!

2. Approval of March minutes Minutes approve as written. (Paul Hattouni/Tanya Schlosser-Yerkes)

3. Additional agenda items None

4. Group Reports Szumai reported that the Speech team participated in a sectional tournament last Tuesday and did very well. Of the 39 AVHS students participating in the tournament, 29 advanced to finals. From these 29, 12 qualified for state which will be held on Saturday, April 21st. Very exciting! The team did not place in the top two  between AVHS, Eagan, and Eastview were all within a few points of each other in the end. The team was still very proud of the results. Szumai is one of the students who qualified for state! Congratulations! The Speech team is preparing for a tournament of champions in Kentucky  4 speech students are going to that, in preparation for nationals in late May/early June. The Golf teams have started and have already participated in meets. The Spring play is coming up. All spring sports all rolling  the great weather means there have not been many game cancellations. The Spanish class trip to Costa Rica was very successful! The Choir went to NYC and had a great time too. Senior party plans are going well. Seniors are not talking about the party yet  they are focusing in on prom.

5. MCA State Testing - April 17 and 18 review MCAs are administered in all MN public schools this week. Joe is happy with the assistance for the tests. There were about 1400 kids tested. The state has many specifics for the testing process so it definitely takes many people to make this work. AV has historically done well with attendance of students testing (the state requires a minimum of 95% of the kids be tested.) We generally are in the 99% testing range each time.

6. May Advanced Placement Testing Schedule Joe shared the Advanced Placement testing schedule. The English Literature, United States History, European History, English Language and Statistics exams are the largest for our students. Kathie Michels coordinates these exams and does a stellar job. There are very specific requirements for these exams. These are national testing dates  all over the country the tests are given on the same date. Security is tight because there are clever ways people can and do cheat on these. These are high stakes tests because college credits are awarded.

7. Teacher Recognition Award nomination form Steve shared a copy of the award nomination form. The Rotary Club and AVHS Site Council sponsors this award, Rotary provides the $500 prize for the winner. A committee of site council parents and students and Rotary Club members will determine the award winner. The group will meet on May 16th, at 4:00pm, in the library area.

8. Teacher Appreciation Week (April 23-27) Laura Kay shared the staff appreciation flyer, letting staff know what is happening each day that week. Monday the Student Council will provide candy bars for all staff; Tuesday there will be an ice cream social in the teachers lounge; Wednesday bagels will be served in the main office; Thursday is a potluck dinner before the parent teacher conferences. Tanya gave a report and said more salads are needed for the potluck. Steve will send out an announcement asking parents to bring more. We also need one more crock pot of meat (Arlys Thompson offered to bring this.) Student council members are ready for clean up 6  8 students are needed for set up; 8  12 are needed for clean up. If there are not enough Student Council members to help, National Honor Society members may be interested in helping. Kathy Hermansen ordered the bagels; Paula will pick up. Tanya will come to school tomorrow to inventory the supplies. Neil thanked the group on behalf of the teachers and said this is the teachers second favorite week of school; the best week is either the first or the last week of school! Steve reminded the group that receipts for out of pocket expenses should be given to him for reimbursement. We will need a chair person for this event next year because Tanya will not be returning. This position will be filled in September. Thank you all!

9. 2012-13 Department Budget allocations Budgets were submitted last week; fortunately this is not a budget-cutting year. Steve believes the district is about 6 million dollars ahead of projections at this point in the school year; the district may end up around 10M ahead at the end of the school year, but that wont be determined until June. Funding is always based on student enrollments. Steve shared a budget sheet and commented on a couple of the lines. For example, the compensatory line indicates the funding we receive based on the number of students we have on the free or reduced lunch program. This funding is extremely helpful because it is used for staffing. The supply lines show a consistent decline over the years, yet prices for materials and supplies and the need for these things has increased. Steve expects the district to have another Levy Referendum in November, 2013, but this could be pushed back another year.

10. Staffing Update - Open Window posting This is a good news update. Steve handed out a report showing all the open teaching positions in the district for 2012-13. Probably 90% of the positions listed currently have a probationary teacher in the job. Each year, the district lays off probationary teachers, then will rehire those teachers for positions not filled by transferring tenured teachers. We wont know about final open positions until late May. This list makes it appear that 196 has many open positions, but there are people in most of these positions already, hoping to get re-hired around June 1. Steve shared some specific examples of the faces behind these positions and how the process affects teachers at AVHS and other schools.

11. 2012-13 Site Council Meeting dates Steve handed out the schedule of the meeting dates for next year.

12. 2012-13 Site Council Chairperson Steve will send an e-mail to returning members to gauge interest in this position. The job is pretty low stress; the chair approves the agenda and facilitates the meetings.

13. Expiring terms and possible new site council parents We will not need an election. Three people interested in the five positions available. They are Tracy Hanson, Brent Turner and Laurie Meyer. Aryls Thompson will serve next year as a Band Booster representative.

14. May/June Student Services Calendar There are only 36 days left of school for students. The remaining 7 weeks of school are packed! May 4th is Eagles Buddies prom  the dance is here at AVHS. On May 8th , the 2012/2013 students schedules will be released. If two courses are in one slot, the kids will meet with Dr. Allen or a counselor to determine which class they will choose. Danceworks will be begin on May 15 - 19. The first Saturday in May is booked at International Market Square for AVHS prom for the next 5 years. We will have three more Eagle Days  April 19, May 9 and 29.

15. Other Items? Steve shared an unusual story about the calendar and an 11th grade early grad. There is a junior this year who is graduating from high school a year early, she is wondering what her last day of school will be (May 31  the seniors last day, or, June 8  the juniors last day). With the date of graduation moved up a week, the student called to get the date for her last day of school. It was decided it would be the same day as the seniors  May 31st. She will be at graduation rehearsal on June 1 and she is very happy.

16. A question was asked about the Restart program and the results of the program (is it proving to make a difference in the suspension rate of students of color at AVHS?) The program is making a noteworthy difference  the number of suspensions this year is about 100 lower than we had last year. The overall suspension rate for kids of color, however, is not significantly lowered because the number of all of the suspensions is lowered  including Caucasian students too. About 65 kids have participated in the one-day Restart Program, and there have been only 3 repeats. There are some kids who cant handle 8 hours of one on one attention in the room so there are about 4  5 kids who dont have the Restart option anymore. We will run the Restart activities again next year (T1 and T2 for sure) to collect data to prove or disprove the success of the program. The number (and percentage) of kids of color suspended from school is an issue, and is a common issue around the country. A parent in District 196 is collecting data from all district schools addressing the suspension rates of all students. People are waiting to see what this person does with this data  we suspect that he will go public, perhaps presenting at a future school board meeting. How the media responds to this possible presentation is a concern. A question was asked about parent notification when student conduct warrants a suspension. Steve said that parents are notified as soon after the school investigates what happened, so that a more holistic account of the incident can be reported. A spirited discussion occurred when reviewing the suspension rate data at AVHS.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm. (Schlosser-Yerkes/ Eileen Uzarek)

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