"Educating our students to reach their fullest potential."

The ALC School Day

Instruction is designed to meet individual student learning styles as well as social and emotional needs.  This is accomplished by offering students various educational options.  The first option is our Core schedule which is a seat-based program consisting of six instructional periods and one advisory period.  Each Core term is fourteen days and is followed by an Enrichment class or make-up opportunity.  The advisory period is used to ensure academic progress, improve communication, and strengthen relationships.

Day in the Life of an ALC Student

Earning Credits at the ALC

Credits are earned during our Core term classes by earning minutes (576 minutes equal .25 credits) and completing assignments.  Students can earn .50 credits for Enrichment classes, Independent Study, and Work-Based Learning.  Students who have excellent attendance can combine their excess minutes from classes to earn additional elective credits.


Credits Possible


6 Core Classes









Work Experience (Elective Credit)


Independent Study


Excellent Attendance (Elective Credit)


Available Credits Per 4-Week Term:


Enrichment Classes, Work Experience Credit, & Independent Study

Enrichment classes are experiential classes offered to students who passed all their classes during the first fourteen days of the Core term.  A sample of Enrichment classes this past year included a behind-the- scenes tour of the Tropics at the MN Zoo, a tour of Target Field, an acting class, fishing, indoor rock climbing, and a visit to the University of Minnesota.  Independent Study is an option for students who would like to design their course of study with the help of a teacher. Students can complete one Independent Study course per term.  Students may also receive credit for working (average 10 hours per week) outside of the school day. 

Enrichment Photos

Postsecondary Enrollment Options

Travel Opportunities

In January, students were offered a 5-day excursion to Florida to attend the Disney Youth Education Series, “Exploring Careers in Marine Biology.” This class took the students on a behind-the-scenes tour at EPCOT.  In June, students were offered the opportunity to tour Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.  Along with all the sites of Washington, D.C., this trip included a day in New York City.  The ALC’s summer travel class was a 5-day outing to South Dakota; students spent two days on the Rosebud Reservation building dog houses and relationships with families from the St. Francis community.  The remaining time students toured the Black Hills and the Badlands.  Students earn cash towards school travel by passing classes (up to $250 per trip).  

ALC Travels over the Past Year