Area Learning Center Staff

Strives to build RELATIONSHIPS with all students.

Attempts to meet students where they are at in life and academically.

Works with each student to develop a plan for success.

Please feel free to contact staff through e-mail, phone (952) 431-8720, or fax (952) 431-8722.

Dave Schmitz

School Coordinator

Contact VM# 92188

Heide Kolhoff

Secretary to Coordinator, Registrar

Contact VM# 92137

Julie Sieben


Contact VM# 92192

Alexis Katzer

School Social Worker

Contact VM# 92197

Cynthia Davis

School Social Worker


Ann Drivas

School Psychologist


Ben Hinrichs

Social Studies Teacher

Contact VM# 92186

Mark Larson

Social Studies Teacher

Contact VM# 92189

Cheryl Rohs

Reading Teacher and Test Contact

Contact VM# 92178

Emily Wollak

Special Education Case Manager and English Teacher

Contact VM# 93423

Lisa Brom

Special Education Case Manger, Work Experience Coordinator and Math Teacher

Contact VM# 92190

Noah Veach

Math Teacher

Contact VM# 92195

Kari Anderson

English Teacher

Contact VM# 94082

Matt Janquart

Science Teacher

Contact VM# 94081

Lael Booth


Contact VM# 94430

Leah Soderlund

English Language Learners (ELL)Teacher

Contact VM# 92194

Ashley Nordling

Child Study Secretary

Contact VM# 92187

Suzanne Burke

School Nurse

Contact VM# 18724

Rita Marshall

School Custodian


Michelle Niska

Lunch Coordinator

Contact (952)-431-8990