American Indian Education Senior Honoring Ceremony

District 196 American Indian Education program is funded by the TITLE VI Indian Education Formula grant. The program is staffed by an Indian Education Advisor and staff that provide academic support for elementary, middle and high school students. The goal of District 196 American Indian Education is to meet the unique culture and academic needs of American Indian students.

The Native American Parent Advisory Committee’s (NAPAC) purpose is to serve in an advisory capacity for planning and implementing programs and events that will support District 196 American Indian students and their families. NAPAC membership consists of Parents and/or Guardians of identified American Indian students attending one of our elementary, middle or High Schools, secondary student representatives and District 196 teacher representatives. All students are required to have a 506 form on file at the District 196 American Indian Education Program (mentioned above). For more information contact, Indian Education at (651) 423-7882.

  • John Other-Medicine, Chair
  • Rick Beane, Co-Chair
  • Nicole Lonetree, Secretary
  • Katie Coulson, Teacher Representative
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