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District 196 offers a comprehensive district-wide curriculum for core content areas and a variety of elective areas.  The curriculum defines what the district expects students to know and be able to do at each grade level and in each content area.  The core curriculum is complemented with a variety of electives and co-curricular opportunities to ensure the students’ academic and social-emotional learning needs are met at each school. Each curriculum area is aligned with state and national standards, and each area is reviewed regularly within the district’s curriculum review cycle.  Curriculum development and revision as a part of this review cycle is the result of the work of the district’s curriculum committees, made up of teachers, administrators, and members of the district Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC).


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K-5 Curriculum and Standards

Middle School

middle school curriculum

6-8 Curriculum and Standards

High School

High School Curriculum II

9-12 Curriculum and Standards