Excellence in Education

Providing an education to our students that gives boundless opportunity for children to achieve their hopes and dreams upon graduating is our ultimate goal. Students are more likely to achieve their goals if we support them to be ready for school upon entering kindergarten; achieve grade level literacy by grade three; attain career and college readiness; graduate from high school; and close the identified achievement gaps in the district.

District 196 is a nationally-recognized school district with a record of outstanding achievement both in and out of the classroom. Students consistently win large numbers of scholarships, as well as state and national awards in a variety of academic, arts and athletic competitions. Approximately 92 percent of District 196 students graduate after four years of high school and 90 percent of graduates indicate plans to continue their education.

We are proud of the many achievements of our students.


Achievement in our schools

Student speaking at graduation ceremony92 percent graduation rate

District 196 graduation rate exceeds the state average by 10 points. The overall graduation rate for students in District 196 high schools is 92 percent, which is an internal increase of 2 percentage points from 2015 to 2016. The gap in graduation rates between white and non-white students decreased for all but one student group of students, according to data released by the Minnesota Department of Education in February of 2017.

earning college credit23.1 average ACT score

Our graduates scored nearly two points higher than the nation-leading Minnesota average on the ACT college admissions test in 2017. The average composite score for District 196 students was 23.1 out of a possible 36. The district average increased 0.1 points from 2016 and is 2.1 points higher than the national average of 21.0 and 1.6 points higher than the Minnesota average of 21.5, which was highest among the 17 states that offer the ACT to all students.

CurriculumStudents exceed averages on state reading, math and science tests

District 196 students who scored proficient on state reading, math and science tests exceeded statewide averages for all grades tested in spring 2017, according to results of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, Series III (MCA-III). These tests are given annually in reading (grades 3-8 and 10), math (grades 3-8 and 11) and science (grades 5, 8 and high school, after completion of the life science curriculum).

AVID studentsStudents earn college credit while attending high school classes

In one year, 763 District 196 students were named AP scholars for earning a score of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) on three or more AP exams. In that same year, District 196 students earned 6,182 college credits from the University of Minnesota, valued at more than $2.9 million.

World's Best Workforce candid image of child with globe of world.World’s Best Workforce

The World’s Best Workforce is our ongoing report that provides information on the district goals, achievement results, strategic work and our World’s Best Workforce Summary Report. The plan guides the work of the district and all serves to fulfill the planning and reporting requirements of the Minnesota World’s Best Workforce legislation.