Students looking at a tablet device

District 196 is continuously working to improve its infrastructure to support the integration of technology into the classroom. This includes continuing to upgrade the wired and wireless network in schools and across the district to support newer mobile computing devices.

Student One-To-One Devices

District 196 is in the process of a one-to-one device rollout. When this is complete in 2018-19, students in grades 4-12 will each have a mobile learning device assigned to him/her to support learning in class and at home. Students in grades K-3 will have increased access to shared mobile learning devices in classrooms.
Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors
Several classrooms throughout the district are equipped with projectors and interactive whiteboards that aid in the learning process.

Distance Learning

In select situations, students are able to participate in classes electronically using web-based collaboration and live video streaming solutions. These resources allow more students to participate as well as eliminate the need for unnecessary travel, increasing safety and time efficiency for students.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Phone System

District 196 converted to a new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system the summer of 2017. This means that, in addition to other efficiencies that come with this VoIP technology, newer phones will run on the same network as computers and other network devices. This will eliminate maintenance and upkeep costs associated with running phones on a separate network.

Web Services

In addition to the district’s web presence, schools maintain their own school websites. Other district web services include a staff intranet, web-based courseware, G-Suite for Education, online surveys and an emergency notification system. The district and its schools are working to make their web-based information more mobile responsive and easier to access.

Portal Services

Parents/guardians of district students can obtain access to a portal to view transportation information, health records, make online payments into lunch accounts, pay for extra-curricular activity fees, and update contact information for the district’s student information system. In addition, parents of secondary school students can view grade book data and attendance records.

Benefits for Students

Students have greater access to mobile learning inside and outside of the classroom with the district’s one-to-one mobile learning device implementation. This increased access to mobile technology allows students to be more focused and engaged learners, and communicate and collaborate to build the skills necessary for tomorrow’s jobs, some of which haven’t even been created yet.

For further information about District 196 technology initiatives, please contact the Technology Support Department at 651-423-7793, or email Edward Heier.

Technology Support Staff

The district’s Technology Support Department provides hardware, software and networking support to all schools and district offices. Feel free to contact us by phone, voicemail, or electronic mail. For questions regarding a specific school, contact the school directly and ask for that school’s technology contact.