Elementary student group working together

Providing Leadership and Support for Academic Achievement

District 196 strives to ensure a high level of learning, opportunity and expectation for each student. The Teaching and Learning Department provides instructional leadership and support across the district by collaborating with staff in developing and sustaining a shared vision of k-12 research-based curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning to maximize student learning.


Guiding our Work

Strong Core Collaboration      Guided Inquiry      Equity      Constructivist Learning    
Formative Assessment      1:1 Access to Technology      Growth Mindset      Standards-Driven    
Data-Informed      Intervention/Enrichment      Continuous Improvement      Results-Oriented


 Name Title Phone  Email
Steven Troen Director of Teaching and Learning 651-423-7884 steven.troen@district196.org
Amy Denneson T&L Coordinator:  HS English-language arts, HS social studies, K-12 English learners, K-12 specialists/electives, K-8 gifted-talented, Q Comp 651-423-7836 amy.denneson@district196.org
Beth Swenson T&L Coordinator:  K-8 literacy and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, K-8 Integrated Units of Study 651-423-7821 beth.swenson@district196.org
Carita Green Integration and Equity Coordinator – AVID, cultural family advocates 651-423-7914 carita.green@district196.org
Dr. Cathy Kindem T&L Coordinator:  K-12 Math, science, STEM, Magnet School Programs, Innovative Programs, Business and Community Partners 651-423-7911 cathy.kindem@district196.org
Jenny Huling T&L Specialist:  Learning and Technology, 1:1 Learning, Schoology 651-423-7915 jennifer.huling@district196.org
Megan Pershica T&L Specialist:  K-8 literacy and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, K-8 Integrated Units of Study 651-423-7812 megan.pershica@district196.org
Michelle DeMers Assessment Coordinator 651-423-7856 michelle.demers@district196.org
Nandi Rieck State and Federal Programs Coordinator: Grants, Title Program, Career Development, Homeless Liaison nandi.rieck@district196.org