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The Student Information Department gathers and processes data on student enrollment and attendance; maintains a detailed, ongoing census of all district residents; conducts demographic analysis, and prepares student enrollment projections for the school district.

Attendance Area Locator

Use our address locator to check the schools assigned to a specific address within our boundaries. Students attend the school in the attendance area where they live or they may apply to transfer to a different school in the district, if space is available.


Open Enrollment Application

This State program allows you to transfer your student from one Minnesota district to another.


Interdistrict Transfer

This program allows you to transfer your student to another public school district after January 15th. This application is renewed annually.


Intradistrict Transfer

This program allows you to transfer your child within District 196. This program is not to be used for meeting daycare needs. The application expires at the end of 5th, 8th and 12th grade.


Daycare Transfer

This program allows you to transfer your Elementary student within District 196 to meet your daycare needs. the application is renewed annually or as necessary.


Census Information

Do you have a new baby? Are you new to town? Did you move recently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important for our future planning to get all children on our census files. After providing your family’s information, you will receive important updates including preschool screening information. Please call Student Information Services at 651-423-7640 with your family’s information.