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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apple Valley High School
14450 Hayes Road
Apple Valley, MN 55124
2017 STEM Fair Program Guide
2016 STEM Fair Overview Video
2015 STEM Fair Overview Video
2014 STEM Fair Photos

What is the STEM Career Fair?

The goal of the fair is to inspire high school students to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The fair will illustrate the breadth and depth of STEM possibilities, from careers requiring two-year degrees to doctoral or professional level degrees. There is no charge for this event. Learn about various careers by talking to people who work in these fields. Seek information regarding college STEM curriculums. Explore the STEM clubs in our schools. Tour the Fab Lab.

Presenter Registration


STEM professionals may register as individuals or as part of a company or organization booth by filling out the appropriate form below. Registration forms are due on or before February 1, 2017. Please provide as much information as you have at the time of registration; you may add or change attendees, number of tables, or other information at a later date.

If your company firewall blocks Google forms, you may email stemcareerfair@gmail.com for a pdf version of the form.

Who will be there?

  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Computer Software and Hardware Professionals
  • Math Professionals – Actuaries, Statisticians, etc.
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Manufacturing and Skilled Trades
  • College Representatives

See the 2016 program for previous presenters


Advice for Students

Use this opportunity to practice being confident; learn how to converse with strangers; find out information that you can keep in your back pocket for the future.

Be confident
  • Use direct eye contact.
  • Stand tall.
  • Save the gum for another time.
  • A smile goes a long way and it instantly brings a positive attitude and draws attention.
  • A hand shake is a great ice breaker but be sure it’s a firm one, practice with your parents and friends, it’s a great habit to form.
  • A conversation means both people talk; start it off with a simple introduction and a handshake. That way we know you’re at least trying and as an adult we’ll likely help you out
  • State your first name, grade, why you are here like “I am interested in learning about different careers” or jump right in with a question. Bring your parents for support ONLY.
  • Tell them “I got this, stay back and don’t ask questions unless I ask for help; I’ll let you ask any questions before we leave the table.”
Exit Strategy
  • Keep it simple like “It was nice to meet you. Thank you for the information.”
  • A handshake is another way to break off the discussion if you want to move on or state “I need to move on, can I ask one last question?”

Question Ideas

  • What was your college degree(s)?
  • Why did you choose that field?
  • When did you choose that field?
  • Who inspired you to choose that field (teacher, friend, relative)?
  • What would be your best advice / insight you would share with someone interested in entering college for (insert field here)?
  • If you had to repeat, would you obtain the same degree or go a different path?
  • What is the benefit of a degree in STEM?
  • Why should anyone go into a STEM field?
  • Why should a girl go into a STEM field?
  • Where did you go to school?
  • Why did you choose to go there?
  • Would you recommend your own kids to follow the same path (career choice & school)?
  • What’s the best part of your job? Worst?
  • What is a typical day like for you? Do you sit at a desk? Travel? Work with others?
  • Have you always been in your same position at work?
  • How often have you changed positions?
  • What made you change (your choice or chosen for you)?
  • Have you always worked for (insert company name here)?
  • Would you recommend working at (insert company name here)? Why?

Company Sponsors

If you are interested in providing financial support for the fair, please contact Cathy Kindem, Teaching and Learning Coordinator.

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