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Site Council Minutes

March 21, 2012 Meeting

Present: Steve Degenaar, Mary Delmedico, Brent Harms, Laura Kay Allen, Paula Mickelson (note taker), Eileen Uzarek, Paul Hattouni, Tanya Schlosser-Yerkes, Choy Leow, Bob Helgeson, Szumai Leow, Larisa Tehren, Maria Stotts, Pete Buesgens, Joe Wycoff, Ben Crockett, and Hazel Crockett.      Welcome and Introductions We started with a small group - welcome to all who are here! Special welcome to Bob Helgeson, the head of the AVHS English department.

Approval of February minutes Minutes approved as submitted (Uzarek/Helgeson)

Additional agenda items None.

Group Reports All spring sports are off to a good (early!) start except boys tennis and girls lacrosse, which both start this week (March 19). Spring athletes are excited to start early! The Choir trip to NY went well - they are back safe and sound. The seniors in the band leave for New Orleans on March 22. The trip is to primarily honor the seniors and celebrate their experience with music. The band has been very busy with various concerts and events over the last month. The AVHS Science Olympiad Team took 4th at State. The AVHS Speech Team has participated in several successful speech events recently. The AVHS Chess Club is doing very well. The adult coach wont be back next year but we will find a replacement for the club. The school is very busy - the theater runs like an airport! Girls golf had qualifying rounds this week. Joe added a plug for Szumei and her work in speech - she wrote an original oratory piece in a very short period of time - and she has qualified for nationals in Indianapolis. The whole speech team has been very busy getting ready for sectionals. There are lots of activities in the building over spring break too! On March 22, the Spanish class students go to Costa Rica. Several members of DECA had a successful State Tournament in February and they have qualified to nationals in Salt Lake City in April. Congratulations to Tyus Jones, who was chosen as the Metro BBB Player of the Year by both metro newspapers - the Tribune and Pioneer Press, and by Gatorade as the State of MN BBB Player of the Year.

Committee Assignments Steve handed out committee assignments. Steve reminded the group that the Site Council has done great things for the teachers - if we dont have the people power to get all things done as we have in the past, that is okay! The teacher appreciation week activities can be whittled down if the people power warrants a change. The teacher appreciation committee will meet after this meeting.

Final 2012-13 Staffing report The final staffing report reflects a better situation than was predicted last month, with a 1.947 (about a two position) reduction. The district will lay off all probationary teachers, posting their positions in Open Window to be filled. Once the hiring shifts settle, the budget process will begin. All schools in the district are going through the same process. In terms of the teaching positions, we have one official retirement, Shelly Potter, in English. She will still be our theater manager next year. Nancy Erickson, an ELL teacher who split her time between AVHS and Eastview, will also retire. Currently we have one more retirement and one leave of absence in the works; we will have more details in the next couple weeks. We dont have as many retirements this year compared to last year when we had 9 or 10.

Indoor graduation on June 2 - a request from the All-Night Party Committee The senior party committee asked Steve to consider making the decision early to hold graduation inside this year. They want to put all the posters in the cafeteria area for graduation and were concerned if the graduation was outside no one would see the posters. So they asked Steve to make the decision early to have graduation inside. He was happy to oblige - sight lines are better in the gym and it is air conditioned. Steve noted that since the stadium opened in 1998, only two graduations have been held outside. Poor weather is always a problem in early June! Steve reminded us that the all-night party is different this year. It will be from 9 pm - 6 am, starting and ending at the high school, but most of the time between will be spent at Brunswick Bowl, in Lakeville. We expect it to go well.

MCA State Testing on April 17 and 18 Joe Wycoff shared a handout addressing state testing at AVHS. The testing is scheduled on April 17/18 for all 9th, 10th and 11th graders. The test is called the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA). If a student fails, the test then becomes a Graduation Required Assessment for Diploma (or GRAD) exam. Joe and his team do an amazing job with all of the standardized testing that happens in the school. For students who struggle with testing, there are intervention strategies throughout this process to support their efforts. Its important to note that MN is no longer bound by the No Child Left Behind regulations for testing. We are still testing, and the State will continue to publish our test scores. One measure of success is in student academic growth; this will need to be tracked over time. More information about MNs new approach to testing will be shared next month.

Teacher Appreciation Week (April 23- 27) Note: The Teacher Appreciation Committee will meet for about 20 minutes at the end of this meeting. We will need to determine if we have the people power to do all four activities during the week.

Expiring terms and possible April 26 site council election All current members have responded to Steves inquiry about staying on the council. Because we have many graduating seniors among us, many parents will be leaving. Parents staying include: Crocketts, Mickelson, Stotts, Hansen (Tracy.) If we have 8 - 10 people interested in joining the site council, well need to conduct an election. That is hard, because parents tend to drop out once an election is announced. So, were hoping for 5 or 6 parents who are interested so an election will not be necessary.

April Student Services Calendar The April calendar was handed out - it is full of state testing dates!

Meeting adjourned at 5:48 pm. (Hattouni/Schlosser-Yerkes) See you next month!

The Teacher Appreciation Committee met and determined plans for the week. We will do all of the activities as years past: candy bars from student council on Monday; an ice cream social on Tuesday; bagel breakfast on Wednesday; and a pot luck dinner before conferences on Thursday. Tanya chaired the meeting and noted where everyone volunteered to help.

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